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EMBRYOLOGY: Questions 1 - 47

Numbers in the bracket indicate the marks alloted to that question in the exams

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  1. Stem cells
  2. Mesoderm
  3. Development and characteristic feature of connective tissue
  4. Chorionic villous sampling
  5. Assisted reproductive techniques (ART)
  6. Capacitaion
  7. Describe maturation and transport of spermatozoa & their relation to fertility and its control
  8. Compaction in early embryo (10)
  9. How will you proceed to determine the age of embryo or fetus
  10. Law of recapitulation (haeckel's law, biogenetic law, recapitulation theory)
  11. HOX gene
  12. SRY gene

  13. Cell division
  14. Discuss mitosis and meiosis in detail
  15. Factors in fertilization
  16. Cloning
  17. Describe the process of embedding of fetal cell and factors that control it
  18. Describe in detail the process of embedding of fertilized ovum
  19. Discuss "induction" and "determination" as fundamental concepts in embroyolgy
  20. Discuss the factor responsible for congenital anomalies
  21. Positive factors in fetal anomalies
  22. Thalidomide babies
  23. Ectopic pregnancy
  24. Congenital anomalies and factors responsible
  25. Conjoint twins

  26. Anatomical basis of contraception
  27. Describe the anatomical basis of the modern techniques of contraception
  28. Give basis of preparation of contraceptive compound, enumerate various devices and anatomy involved in vasectomy
  29. Discuss the menstrual cycle and anatomical basis of contraceptive
  30. Anatomical factors involved in parturition

  31. Discuss placenta in relation to fetal nutrition, utility of examining placenta in fetal malnutrition
  32. Describe human placental structure showing anatomical bases of circulation of blood in placenta
  33. Anomalies of placenta
  34. Discuss about different varieties of placentation and associated fetal membranes in twin pregnancy
  35. Modern concept of human placental barrier
  36. Placental barrier
  37. Placental membrane
  38. Describe the development of fetal membranes and placentation in mammals

  39. Describe the developmental events taking place during the third week of gestation.

  40. Neural crest
  41. Development of PNS (peripheral nervous system)
  42. Development of hypophysis cerebri
  43. Development of ventricle system of brain
  44. Describe the development of neural tube. Add note on antenatal diagnosis of neural tube defects
  45. Describe the development of neural tube. Discuss the molecular regulation of brain development Add a note on antenatal diagnosis of neural tube defects
  46. Development of human vertebral column
  47. Spina bifida (10)

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